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Cardboard virtualreality glasses

Dec. 17 - today's smombie advent calendar gadget: Cool cardboard virtualreality glasses. Every smartphone zombie needs this!

No time to socialize

Dec. 16 - No time to socialize, smartphone is waiting. Damn smartphone zombies.

A new smartwatch for happy smartphone zombies

Dec. 15 - Today's highlight in the Smombie Christmas calendar: A new smartwatch for happy smartphone zombies

Food for zombies and smombies: Christmas flavored mini brains

Dec. 11 - Our smombie tastes some christmas flavored mini brains. A yummy pastime while waiting for the smartphone being charged.

IoT devices: Data security problems help smombies in real life

Dec. 07 – Today’s advent calendar gimmick: A smartphone display repair kit. How does the calendar know that the display is broken? The calendar...

St Nicholas came late today?

Dec. 06 - Seems like St Nicholas lost too much time playing arround with his smartphone. Or did he use Google Maps for navigation?...

A must have for St Nicholas’ day: Boots with display and power bank included

Dec. 05 - Our Smombie is preparing his electronic boot for St Nicholas' day tomorrow. The display will notify him in case something has...

Unlock all features with the newest in-app purchase!

Dec. 04 - Our #Smombie enjoys a brand new LED #christmas sweater. He's switching it on and off with the light app's brand new...

These days a chain of lights has to be operated by remote control

Dec. 03 - Also Smombies need to relax from time to time. You see, our smombie is tired from playing with all his nice...

Will smartphones replace Duff beer?

The smartphone is getting more and more important in our lives – we can hardly imagine to live without our smartphone close to us....
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Google Doc? The better physician?

Times have changed. But is Google really the better physician? Maybe take your moms advice. A hot soup might be the better tip.

Where are all the Pokémons gone?

Do you remember the Pokémon Hype in summer 2016? Can’t believe it’s only a few months ago that everyone you know was running around...

There’s just nothing unessential in a smombie world

Dec. 18 - There's just nothing unessential in a smombie world.