Will smartphones replace Duff beer?


The smartphone is getting more and more important in our lives – we can hardly imagine to live without our smartphone close to us. Only one example: Being honest the smartphone already has taken over the part of the TV. Who of us is watching the news on TV if you can look everything up on your smartphone, online, in real time and in colour… It is way faster and more flexible than the TV was before. There is no need to wait until a certain time to get to know what happens in the world. Only pick up your smartphone and look it up.

As a proof, compare the picture. The guy isn’t interested in what happens around him because what happens on the little display right in front of him seems to be more important.

In ancient times there was one naturally partner of TV junkies, maybe you remember – now with an uncertain future… So the essential question that comes up immediately in everybody’s mind is if smartphones will replace also world’s most prominent brand of beer: Duff.

How conceive an idea like that? May be because beer and smartphones have the same effect on humanity.