Where are all the Pokémons gone?


Do you remember the Pokémon Hype in summer 2016? Can’t believe it’s only a few months ago that everyone you know was running around with his smartphone in his hands chasing Pokémon.

For all those who don’t know what we are talking about: Pokémon Go was published at 13th of July in Germany. In the game you are able to design your own avatar. You – as a real life person – get a message if there is a Pokémon near you. You can collect Pokémon and let them fight with others. I think everybody knows the rules of the original game. What makes Pokémon Go special is the fact that you don’t just play on your smartphone but you’re also involved in the game. You have to do exercises to come to the next level or gain more money.

So you are not only playing the game in a virtual world. It was one of the first games that combines a virtual world with reality. So for example you can see a Pokémon through your smartphone but it is in a real life setting. Now you have to throw a virtual ball at it by wiping over your Touchscreen to make it yours.

But the time when it was trend to walk a lot of kilometres per day to find a new Pokémon or to brood eggs seems to be long long ago. So there’s the question: Where are all the Pokémons gone?

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